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Well not definately not that good.

Lets begin:

Too slow paced. What is more it is worse it mostly tweened, can't really review on that, cause it isn't really your animation. FBF parts were barely better than just OK. Before trying to use tweens at least how to meke them good. Look at Titanomachina, Intruder or Nightwayfarer's staff.

Very bad, not awful, but it still sucks pretty much.

There wasn't any actual plot.

Well it has a "message", you can be happy with fact, that someone has actually given a fuck. Definitely not me. To say, i really appreciate movies with a meaning in them... if it is properly done and/or comes with actual storyline and etc.

It wasn't even a half-good as it could be. I have chosen a good topic, but didn't managed to "execute" the idea. Keep trying.

PS Learn to take some critique god damn it! Most of your hate replies looks actually same: "you animate sticks, i animate fullbody, means I'm hell loads of better than you" or "try to do some thing like this than critique me". I agree that sticks are pretty much overused, but you kinda forget that everybody(including you) is starting with them(not counting most of the Madness animators). I can understand that you wanna look kindhearted and stuff, but from most of your critique you seem extremely immature. Your hate against sticks is stupid, Castle is a stick series, though it kicks ass of majority of that "fullbodiedfilledwithmeaning" movies. What's more, you're trying to argue with guys who are much more famous and respectable in animation society, like Miccool. And believe me he IS better than you. Keep trying.

MrSlakt out.


Your not dead, lol.

I don't know.

This is sure a great flash much better than original intrude, but i liked the first one more, can't evan explain why.

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Good one actually

I've got Alien hominid.

Lol guys

Relax, it was just a joke, a good one exectly.
I mean don't be a bunch of 12 year old boys who likes VIOLENCE and don't have sense of humor at all.
My grats to the author, good work.

But the idea of a game like that was cool.

pancakes-bat responds:

thank you!


Very good for the first try.
Avtar delay ischo!

kabanov responds:

Thanks) Ya postaraus!

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Good one

Am i the only one, who sees a PROTOTYPE reference here?

Kreid responds:

Oh crap yeah XD
Never even noticed that, that's all I'll see now though


Picture itselg is really good but 2 things i don't really like:
1)It is american version, i like thÑf Japan version more (Pyramid on his head has another form).
2)Well he seems kinda fat. In the game he is thin or even musculed.


A ia pomny kartinky/

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